Cable Hauling

Cable hauling can be a very labour intensive and demanding job but at Tieleman Excavation and Construction it’s a task we’re all skilled and practised at so companies rely on us to complete the task efficiently and cost effectively. Whether it’s optic fibre or copper cable hauling, we have the best equipment and manpower available and our rate of work helps ensure our prices are highly competitive compared to other cable hauling service providers.

Mining, telecommunications and transport companies frequently require extensive lengths of cables to be hauled and we are renowned for our ability of cable haul tens of thousands of metres per day. As with all projects no scope of work is too large and we simply call in the expertise of our trained cable hauling contractors to assist to ensure deadlines are met.

cable hauling

Before each project begins we conduct a cable hauling assessment study, during which we scope out the work and identify any potential trouble hot spots; being forewarned is being forearmed and it helps ensure the hauling process runs smoothly. Once the cables have been hauled into the ground we link them to the necessary exchange points.

cable hauling

We employ a series of special techniques to increase our productivity within this area:


By applying ample lubrication we can reduce the friction during the cable hauling process and this not only speeds up the process, it also reduces the incidence of breakages.

Jam Ratio Calculation

Cables lying side by side are prone to twisting and jamming when hauled around bends. By using our reliable jam ratio we can help avoid this problem.


By maintaining an adequate level of tension we can make sure the cables do not bend, thus  avoiding any hampering of the hauling process.

The use of rollers

Rollers help stop the cables dragging within the cable tray, causing extreme tension and sharp bends within the cables themselves.


It is important the ends of the cables are adequately sealed to prevent moisture entering the cable itself.

As with all our work there is an emphasis on effective project management throughout.

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