Earthworks Services

The prospect of earthworks may conjure up images of major disruption to existing infrastructure, the environment and productivity, but at Tieleman Excavation and Construction we gain great satisfaction from creating a very different reality. Our earthworks team is dedicated to working to preserving the surrounding area and our services can be consistently relied upon to complete the excavation of an area in such a way so as to minimise disturbance. Our bulk earth removal squad  provides the safe and efficient removal of rock and soil for major mining companies and an extensive range of other companies.

earthworks services

The completion of earthworks are often a necessity before essential communication and utilities can be installed. Thanks to our extensive stock of top of the range equipment and skilled, trained earth moving manpower, we can provide an earth moving service that is second to none. Tieleman recognises how important it is for companies to be seen to taking care to protect their surrounding environment and as a result we always go that extra step to ensure the site works cause as little disruption as possible.

earthworks services

We are accustomed to creating open trenching systems which remains the traditional and most widely used method for laying cables. If and when possible this approach is typically the easiest and least expensive solution. Earthwork services are employed for all open trenching operations and once the site has been cleared, the trench excavated and the cable laid, we backfill the entire length of the trench, reinstating all pre-existing road surfaces, paving and vegetation.

At Tieleman we work hard to keep the cost of our earthwork services down by working efficiently and using staff that are adept at completing such projects. We will put the necessary hours in to ensure your worksite is returned to normal as soon as feasibly possible, leaving your company free to enjoy the benefits of the new utilities installed.

“Earthworks do not need to be a major drama – leave the job to Tieleman and your work site environment will be back to normal fastest time possible.” – Haydn Tieleman, Director of Tieleman Excavation and Construction.

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