Plant Hire Perth

Our plant hire Perth services are an area we are currently developing as the ever-growing scope of our work continues to grow. Western Australia’s expanding mining, oil and gas industry has resulted in a great variety of projects requiring the safe and professional installation of communications, power, waste and water services. While we typically project manage each task from start to finish there are occasions when companies simply need access to the best machinery on the market and as a result we are increasingly focused on our pant hire services.

Tieleman’s plant hire Perth services gives firms throughout the State access to a vast range of plant hire options and we are always ready and willing to advise clients on the best machinery available to enable a project to be completed smoothly, effectively and on time. We are proud of our reputation for hiring out plant equipment that’s reliable and which can be depended upon to compete the work efficiently.

plant hire perth

We are able to deliver each piece of equipment directly to your work site and can provide  familiarisation training to allow your own workforce to come to grips with the way each operates, quickly and professionally.

plant hire perth

Our team of skilled technicians regularly maintain our extensive range of plant hire equipment throughout the year so it is reliable and won’t let clients down at a critical moment. We can also provide expert advice on not just which plants to hire but also how to apply each to ensure maximum output. Should there ever be a failure, as part of our customer quality guarantee service we provide back-up replacement equipment.

Tieleman Excavation and Construction are committed to meeting the changing requirements of the mining sector and we are constantly looking to purchase the latest modern equipment so we are always able to offer our clients the top of the range models. Not only do we rely on our proven track record to provide industry leaders and smaller firms exactly what they need, when they need it, we are also focussed on looking to improve and upgrade our pant hire Perth services.

“Whatever your plant hire requirements call us today and we will endeavour to source the very best equipment on the market to ensure your project runs smoothly, without a hitch and at the right price,” Haydn Tieleman, Director of Tieleman Excavation and Construction.

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