Tieleman Excavation and Construction’s broad portfolio of services includes professional poly welding for a variety of sectors, primarily in the mining, oil and gas industry. Poly welding or plastic welding is the process of fusing softened surfaces of materials, typically with the use of heat welding. We complete this process in three stages; firstly we prepare the surfaces, next we apply heat and pressure and finally we cool the area to provide a safe and secure seal.

Our poly welding services utilise the external/thermal approach of the internal/electromagnetic system.

Extrusion welding

Extrusion welding allows for the application of larger scale welds and we prefer to use this when joining materials at least 6mm thick. The hot gas or hot air welding technique is used to weld larger softer materials and on those that have a more complex weld joint geometry. Once the heat softens the interfaces to the point of melting, our technicians are free to press the two ends together on top of the hot plate, hold them together and keep them in place until the joint is cooled sufficiently to form a permanent bond.

Electrofusion welding

Electrofusion welding is a technique we employ when joining HDPE and other types of plastic piping with special fittings containing resistive wire which is employed to weld the joint firmly together. Our technicians will trim the pipe ends, clean them thoroughly and insert them into a special electrofusion fitting. An electrofusion processor is used to apply a specific and controlled level of voltage. Once the coil heats and melts the inside of the fitting and exterior of the pipe wall it is welded permanently together.

Whatever your poly welding requirements we urge you to use the services of Tieleman to be guaranteed a safe and durable seal that will stand the test of time.

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