Tieleman Excavation and Construction is adept at operating on a very broad range of siteworks and our staff have the skills, knowledge and experience to adjust to each. We understand the individual demands each type of siteworks requires and adapt our approach accordingly. Whether it’s a rail transport hub servicing the public or private sector or a remote mining, oil or gas siteworks, we have the equipment and know how to complete all projects we commit to.

Safety is paramount and a thorough pre-siteworks health and safety assessment is conducted prior to any project commencing. We like to liaise closely with each client to gain a clear picture of what is entailed and the individual demands of each site we visit. Typically we will debrief with other onsite existing staff to ensure everyone is aware of the project timeline and exactly what work is involved.


Our approach to each siteworks is to be thorough, have a detailed plan of action and for an onsite foreman to project manage the work from start through to finish. We pay close attention to the existing operation and all that is unique about it so we are able to complete the work with minimal if any disruption to productivity.


Siteworks should not leave a trail of unfinished work behind them and each stage must be fully completed before we progress to the next. We are leaders in earth moving and excavation services and our modern, professional practices are based on a premise of efficiency and respect to the surrounding environment.

Our fine attention to detail and state of the art machinery allows us to work on an extensive range of siteworks projects and this combined with our no-nonsense approach means the work is completed swiftly and to the highest possible industry standard. The fact that Tieleman Excavation and Construction is relied upon time and time again for its high end siteworks services is proof we can be trusted to provide an exceptional quality service on every occasion.


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