Underground Utilities Installation

For a cost effective, reliable and professional solution to all your underground utilities installations, Tieleman Excavation and Construction should be your first choice.  We are a tried and tested company with more than fifty years accumulated experience between its core staff members and have worked on numerous projects requiring the installation of pipelines, conduits and cables for water, power, gas and communication services. Our underground contractors are experts in their field and highly adept at working in the all types of environments and terrain throughout WA.

underground contractors

Thanks to our advanced horizontal directional drilling capabilities we are able to operate in such a way that has little impact on the visual appearance of the site with minimal disruption to existing ongoing operations and the transport network servicing it. While our underground contractors are able to service all sectors, both private and commercial, our work often focuses on assisting the mining industry. Tieleman’s regular projects with the major leaders in this sector is proof that we have the expertise and most advanced equipment on the market to ensure each contract is completed to the highest industry standard.

underground contractors

We believe our underground contractors offer a superior service because our trenchless technology enables a swift and efficient fitting of underground utilities with great attention to safety. Tieleman is accustomed to working with high risk services. Whether it’s a small scale or major installation project we can be trusted to install the necessary pipework and cables to meet and exceed national safety guidelines.

At Tieleman Construction and Excavation we are proud of our ability to provide extremely price competitive costings for work and encourage clients to seek an obligation free quote. We are able to mobilise our underground contractors at short notice to provide a detailed pre-assessment and if necessary perform a site visit. No matter how remote the location our expert staff can be on the ground ready to begin work as soon as the project go ahead has been given and your company can be rest assured every aspect of the underground utility installation will be professional, durable and reliable.

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