Pit and Pipe

Pit and pipe construction is an integral element to the installation service of communications, electrical, gas, sewer and water services. It involves the insertion of conduits and pipes through a series of pits and demands the use of a skilled team that’s highly trained and proficient in the process. Each installation project is carefully designed prior to work beginning and in the first instance we provide an onsite or remote assessment of the existing infrastructure, a full understanding of the requirements and information of the surrounding terrain to create a detailed picture of exactly what the pit and pipe work will entail. This allows our skilled assessors to provide an accurate quotation for each project and ensures we are fully prepared with the correct amount of manpower and that the best equipment and tools available are brought to the work site.

Tieleman Excavation and Construction also places a great emphasis on safety and we will provide a comprehensive safety review of the site and associated project prior to work beginning.

Every aspect of the pit and pipe process must be not only be planned in detail beforehand but we also guarantee the work is only completed by professionals specifically trained and skilled in this line of work. There are a plethora of companies offering the service but we rely on our reputation as a  renowned expert in this area by major firms such as Rio Tinto and BHP, as part of our reassurance that our clients will be getting the services of one of the best providers in the market.

pit and pipe

The cost of Tieleman Excavation and Construction’s pit and pipe services is very competitive and thanks to a readily available team of hard working manpower and instant access to the best machinery for the project we are able to consistently price beat our market competitors.

pit and pipe

An important element in our commitment to quality assurance is we use only high quality products and materials for all of our work. Our pit and pipe installations are designed to last because we are heavily reliant on repeat business so it is important to us our clients are completely satisfied upon project completion. All our work comes with a warranty and should there ever be a failure of any kind our team of skilled technicians will be on site immediately to provide a speedy solution. Not only are our projects managed professionally from start to completion, our after care service is a key element to the overall package.

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