Quite simply we offer our clients not just a reassurance of exceptional quality of service but thanks to our extensive range of experience in working for Australia’s leading mining companies, we have the expert knowledge and skills required to ensure the work is completed to an outstanding level.

Our team of highly qualified and trained staff are accustomed to the long hours and frequently harsh conditions endured within the mining sector. We call the Pilbara our second home and embrace the challenges commonly associated with it. Our range of first class machinery and equipment is perfectly suited to the various terrains and likewise we are a tried and tested team who can be relied upon to go that extra mile for our clients.

why tieleman

Within the mining and telecommunications industries and all those that support it, you’re only as good as your last contract, which is why we are always willing to put the extra effort in to ensure the next contract comes with ease. At Tieleman we do not shy away from new technology, but rather embrace industry developments and enjoy investing in new equipment we know will help us get the job done better and faster

why tieleman

Effective communication and project management demands a direct line of access to the person in charge so when you call Tieleman you can speak to the owner and director straight away; there’s no being shuffled from pillar to post through a long chain of command.

Are you seeking a progress update? If so it’s an easy process of calling one number and talking straight to Hayden Tieleman himself who will be more than happy to provide an in depth update.

This is one of the advantages of employing the services of a smaller company as we still have the ability to quickly bring in the additional resources required to tackle large projects but that doesn’t deprive our clients of the privilege of speaking with the manager in charge – in fact, we actively encourage it.

In addition, our staff are superb team players who enjoy a good working relationship not just with each other, but also with all the existing staff on site. Our aim is to enhance your working atmosphere and work alongside your team to ensure everyone on the ground is able to continue about their work as per normal.

“We love the fact that at Tieleman we’re small enough to be a highly flexible and mobile team and welcome the chance to liaise with company managers as well as work besides their workforce in a positive and proactive manner. Likewise the expert contractors we hire to assist for all larger projects have the same work ethics as ourselves and it all contributes to achieving a productive and uplifting work environment” – Haydn Tieleman, Director.

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